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InsurTech Mentors is the first global matchmaking platform, bringing together insurance professionals, start-up entrepreneurs and digital talents. InsurTech Mentors accelerates the industry by sharing knowledge and insights to discover roles in untapped markets. We match start-up entrepreneurs and digital talents with professionals from the insurance industry at scale. The platform acts as a knowledge exchange between incumbents, startups and digital talents.We help digital talents recognise and understand the opportunities within the insurance industry. We help insurance professionals get ready for the new wave of technology-enabled insurance products.Bringing professionals and talents together.

Why InsurTech Mentors?

The insurance industry has undeniably entered the digital age, making it ripe for disruption! New digital players like Lemonade, Zhong An and Acko are entering an industry and disrupting traditional insurance actors.

The ‘so what’ of these developments is that only the most innovative companies with strong reputation as attractive place to work, will be able to attract the best digital talents and develop partnerships with the hottest  InsurTech start-ups to shape the next generation of insurance products and services.

By joining InsurTech Mentors you’re helping to shape the future of insurance. Be the  disruptor and future proof your business!’

Theresa Blissing

Founder, InsurTech Mentors

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