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Rob Galbraith

San Antonio

Rob Galbraith

Partner Insurance Nerds

My philosophy:

The End of Insurance as we know it!

My Roles and Responsibilities

I have over 10 years of formal leadership experience leading innovation efforts with 2 large P&C non-life carriers in the USA.  In these roles, I worked across the enterprise to enable new products, services, channels and business models enabled through emerging technologies that grow revenue, provide operational efficiencies and improve customer experiences. Examples include the development of digital distribution platforms for use by customers and agents, wearables to monitor injuries and worker health, and back office automation using a variety of technologies.


I have over 25 years experience in banking, finance and insurance, with over 12+ years of leadership experience at insurance carriers in the USA. I wrote the bestselling book The End Of Insurance As We Know It which has sold over 3,500 copies in 20 countries since its publication in February 2019.

Why am I on InsurTech Mentors?

I am fortunate enough to speak around the globe at insurance and insurtech conferences and have been blessed to meet so many people in the insurance industry and outside who want to make it better. I love meeting people who share my passion for innovation and making insurance more affordable and accessible to help people around the world.

Whom would I like to mentor?

I’m pretty open to mentor a variety of people. I’m less technical and more focused on strategy and sizing market opportunities and developing business models, so I’m happy to help people get started in the right direction and help them grow over time to become as successful as they hope to!

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