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Tunde Salako


Tunde Salako

Co-founder/CEO Africa Insurtech Rising

My philosophy:

Connecting the dots between insurance, inclusion and technology!

My Roles and Responsibilities

Tunde is the Convener/Ceo of Africa Insurtech Rising, a social impact platform aggregating all participants and stakeholdersin the InsurTech space with a focus on the African insurance sector passionately reverse engineering insurance inclusion on the continent via technology. He is also the co-founder of Hadiel, an African insurtech/SaaS company accelerating health insurance and inclusion via technology and data science.



Tunde qualified and trained foundationally as a physician, hence possesses a hybrid of both clinical and very strong management backgrounds. He has worked with both local and international professionals at c-suite and board levels for different goals channeled towards achieving specific missions. His industry experiences cut across insurance, health insurance, pharma, health systems development. Currently, he is a as a member of the Barcelona Health Hub alongside divergent disruptors such as, Mediktor, Medtep, SocialDiabetes,Universal Doctor to mention a few. In the past, he served as an advisory board member of the Imperial College Business School Alumni Advisory Board between 2015 and 2016.  His interests cut across technology, innovation, and business process automation. He is passionate about the use of tech to galvanize inclusion in the insurance ecosystem and universal health coverage.


Why am I on InsurTech Mentors?

Looking forward to a boisterous community and ecosystem of insurtech start-ups, corporates, enthusiasts, experts and investors that will continually strive to shape the space globally.


Whom would I like to mentor?

Tunde's core insurance interests cut across agro, life, health and auto insurance. His skill sets in business process automation, applications development, data science and administration brings to the table robust support for Insurtech's seeking navigation in these areas.


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